Friday, 20 July 2012

Effective Skin Care Products For Women

That’s a misconception that the companies that produce women’s skin care products are properly regulated by the State government. You will be astonished to know that most of the recognized skin care products manufacturing companies only claim to use best ingredients. Do you know most of their products are made up of inorganic ingredients? The reason behind that is simple, there isn’t any strict policy. The companies do not list the ingredients on the label of which a product is formed, and they are not legally compelled to do that. Chemical additives and other inorganic ingredients are comparatively lower in price, so what these companies do, they add them in their products so that they can have a bigger margin of profit. In the same way, they also add active natural ingredients but only in very small concentration. So, how do you expect that product to be effective on your skin?

They money these companies save from here is spent on the advertisement that we see on the television. This is one of the reasons why these companies use those harmful ingredients in their products. Advertisement is important but, saving money for the sake of advertisement by compromising the quality of product, that’s just not acceptable! Sales of all the skin care products manufacturing companies totally rely on their advertisement. It is important but it doesn’t give anything to the consumer? It is simply of no use for them. Most of us are taken by their striking commercials and we don’t even feel like checking the ingredients or look for an expert’s advice. And we don’t research on the effectiveness of that product.

You must have heard about collagen? That it is an important ingredient of skin care product that helps keep wrinkles away and is vital to maintain a youthful appearance. Do you know it’s a natural substance and is produced within our body? It is found in superior quality women’s skin care products as it helps in maintaining the elasticity and firmness of skin. So now you know that good quality skin care products must have collagen in its ingredients. It is not necessary that the collagen present in your products is compatible with your skin tone. Sometimes the molecules of collagen are big enough for our skin to absorb so they just stay on the surface and do not penetrate. The molecules that do not absorb are useless of our skin, and for us buying such product is a total waste of money.

Some people are advised to take collagen shots so that wrinkles present on their skin can be removed. But there can also be some side effects. Some patients may experience allergic reactions, while some can have skin pigmentation. Another problem with these shots is that their effect is temporary and these shots must be given repeatedly. Not only that, this is also an expensive method of skin treatment. So these methods aren’t best to achieve the most effective skin care. Some of natural ingredients that you should look for in skin care products are Nano lippobelle CoQ10, Phytessence Wakame, Xtend TK. This is the only way you can have a healthy skin for a long time.  

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