Friday, 13 July 2012

Perfect Skin Care Products for Men

It’s not just women who need to look after their skin. Men do too just as them! Words like care and beauty are often associated with women but that’s just so wrong. We often hear about a variety of skin care products for women, but have you ever wondered, “What are the effects of these products on the skin of men?” Do men also need beauty products and a proper skin care regime? If yes, then what’s the difference between skin care for men and the women?

I am discussing below some of the most common problems that men usually face while caring for their skin, along with their best possible solutions.

Know the Type of Skin you have!

That’s the first thing to be determined. Each of us has different types of skin, so you must know our skin type before buying any particular product for your skin. In order to do that, you must go to see a skin specialist. The dermatologist will help you know your skin better by telling you the exact type of skin you have after doing a comprehensive checkup. Only after going through that process you will be able to target your skin problems and look for the products made for your skin.


Washing your face with soap is never recommended. If you do that, it is better that you stop that right away. Even when you are a guy, soap is still too harsh for your facial skin and it is also capable of causing breakouts. It takes away all the natural oil that is necessary for your skin’s health. It is better to use facial cleansers that are made with natural ingredients. Not only that, chemicals have temporary effects, but they are also not friendly for your skin.


There are various products like cleansing masks available in the market that are especially made to deal with that particular problem. Skin care products that are made to strip off blackheads have a composition of clay.

Shaving Effects

Men usually have a pleasant experience shaving with a cream having glycerin or aloe Vera base. These substances not only make the blades glide smoothly on the skin but they also leave a soothing effect on it. This also evades the chances of burns and bumpy skin after shaving. Alcohol based products are not good for men’s skin. It is better to keep away such products.

Raccoon Attack

These are the dark blemishes around the eyes and are also known as Dark Circles. Well, that’s a common problem in both men and women. Most of the people inherit this problem from their elders but it can also be a result of extreme intake of caffeine, out of control drinking, and ruthless smoking. For that, men can use eye creams that are made with natural ingredients like vitamins and other nutrients. Some of the ingredients that are really good for this problem are Phytessence Wakame, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, and Cynergy TK.


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