Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The 3 steps to stop facial sweating without ado!

There is no doubt about that, that facial sweating is one of the most embarrassing things to deal with in public places. After all, your face is the central organ of your body and which is open to everyone else. Can you imagine yourself talking to a group of people having a dripping face? Can you stay comfortable in that condition of excessive facial perspiration? Nah, I don’t think there is anybody who can.

Excessive sweating is often termed as hyperhidrosis. It is the condition of skin which is characterized by unusually increased perspiration, more than that is needed for regulating the temperature of your body. Facial hyperhidrosis can cause several serious problems. One of these concerns is facial blushing. It is a medical condition known commonly as acne rosacea. It is characterized by severe, uncontrollable, and frequently unprovoked, facial redness.

This embarrassing and uncontrollable process of facial sweating can occur due to a number of reasons. Mental conditions like nervousness and anxiety are two of the biggest causes that can trigger this uncomfortable physical condition.

Let’s face it... it is really hard to deal with the continuously dripping beads of sweat that usually start appearing above your lips, your nose, and your forehead. What is fortunate for us is that there are a number of proven things we can do to control this problem of excessive sweating on our face in just within a couple minutes.

One of the gentlest remedy is the use of miraculous Aloe Vera juice. It is a pretty much watered down version of aloe Vera that is retailed as a moisturizer. Using aloe Vera juice in summer soothes your skin. It leaves a refreshing and chilling effect on the surface of your skin. With the help of this natural treatment, you can have a temporary but quick relief from too much facial sweating. In addition, this “heaven sent” juice of aloe Vera is considered best for giving your skin relief from excessive sweating for up to three hours.

The next thing, I’ll recommend, is the use of facial wipes. Time has changed... we don’t use handkerchiefs for wiping our face anymore! They have been replaced by facial wipes. Today, there are a number of cosmetic companies that produce facial wipes women look for their proper skin care regimen. You can even find deodorant wipes to deal with that problem of hyperhidrosis. These wipes, with the blessings of an astringent, keep your facial skin dry and in better shape. Internet is the right place to order and get more information about them.

Last but not least, the witch hazel. It is a lotion consisting of an astringent alcoholic solution containing an extract from the witch hazel plant. With the help of it, you can minimize this problem of excessive sweating in just a couple of minutes. It’s a natural product that helps dry your face in a gentle manner. You can find this product across the country, nearly in every drug and grocery store.


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