Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Skin care and different types of Facial Cleansers

You will be dumbfounded to know the different types of facial cleansers. The facial cleanser you require for your skin totally depends on the type of skin you have and the skin care regimen suggested by the dermatologist. Figuring out which product is going to suit your skin is not an easy job as not many people know the type of their skin they have. Price is another considerable thing that makes the job even more complex.

If you have dry skin, a gentle skin cleanser is a must for you. It will be even better if your cleanser has a built-in moisturizer... this will aid in replenishing the oil on your facial skin. Make sure your cleanser is good enough to take away all the dirt present on the surface of your skin. I’ll recommend that you apply an extra moisturizer on your skin after cleansing it thoroughly.

As far as combination skin is concerned, it has both dry and oily patches. The working of a cleanser formulated for the people having combination skin is comparatively more complicated. The reason is simple; they must remove excess oil and dirt from your skin while not taking off any more oil from the parts of your skin that are dry.

Cleansers made for oily skin types work straightforwardly. They take away all the excess oil present on your skin, leaving it soft and dry. People having oily skin type may have acne problem. The cleansers for people having oily skin with acne problems are different than the cleansers for people not having any acne problems. The cleanser must not allow the skin to develop large pores so that the secretion of oil on your skin can remain controlled.

If your skin have severe acne problem, you must get yourself a facial cleanser that deals with it. These cleansers not only remove dirt and oil from your skin, but they also dry it and fight bacteria that cause that bad condition of your skin. You need to stick to a skin care regimen in order to get rid of this problem.

Scrub is another option that can be added in a skin care routine. In order to clean skin deeply, scrubs contain grains which exfoliate it thoroughly. This gives your skin a gentle touch of silk. However, granules used in this product are capable of intensifying the problem of acne. This is why people having chronic acne problem are not recommended to use them.

A toner improves the overall appearance of your skin. Toners are astringent drugs – their purpose is to tighten the skin. When you apply cleanser on your skin, it removes dirt and oil from your skin by opening its pores. The purpose of the application of this astringent is to contract those pores of your skin and bring them back to their normal size.

You must understand the needs of your skin in order to choose the most suitable cleanser. It is better that you take the blessings of a skin care specialist.      

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