Monday, 23 April 2012

How to treat Acne – Simple Tips and Tricks

The problem of acne and pimples can come about anytime and to anyone irrespective to the person’s age. The conception that only young people are prone to this problem is old and totally untrue. Recent researches show that it can trigger in any phase of life. It has been seen that even adults at their late forties experience severe acne breakouts.

What are the Reasons behind it?

Acne is an inflammatory disease which is directly related with the sebaceous glands of our skin. This disease is characterized by comedones, pustules, or papules. It is actually the infection of the skin of the sufferer, which triggers due to the irregularities in the sebaceous glands of that person. What happens in this condition is that the oil produced by these glands, get mixed with the dead skin cells, dirt particles, and bacteria, that block the way of hair follicles.

Once these tiny pores get blocked, the secretion oil starts building up causing the skin to turn red, swell, and become noticeable to everyone. If you feel too much oil on your skin, there is a probability that your sebaceous glands are just too hyperactive. This hyperactivity of secretion glands is one of the main reasons of acne. If your skin is not clean, and dead skin residue are present on it, this can also trigger severe acne problem. Bacteria are also the wrongdoer for our skin! They are not only capable of triggering itching in your skin, but they can also cause severe skin irritation as well.

How to treat it?

You can use any good quality pore cleanser, acne soap, or acne cleanser, to treat this embarrassing problem of breakout. You must often wash your skin with water throughout the day. This will clean all the excess oil and take out the residue of your dead skin. Washing your skin twice a day will do the work perfectly. However, if you do that more frequently, this may cause irritation. According to a recent study, stress is projected as another factor that promotes acne. It is not recommended that you prick or even touch the areas of your skin that are affected with acne. I know that is tantalizing but, this will only worsen the problem. You also shouldn’t use oil based products like gel or makeup.

There are also some household remedies that are quite effective in that problem. In order to reduce swelling instantly, you can apply ice or toothpaste on the affected area. You will notice that the inflammation is all gone. You can also relieve acne by applying the paste of cinnamon mixed with honey. Lastly, washing your face with saltwater is also beneficial. This will remove all the dirt present on your skin without irritating it. If the problem persists, it is better that you switch to other straight forward methods like washing your skin with acne soap, or applying a suitable acne cleanser or acne cream etc. if you ask me, I’ll say that in order to get the best treatment, you should take the blessings of a skin specialist.

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